Installation Accessories for artificial grass

SGC offers a large selection of artificial grass accessories. For example, you may need nails for your installation. In brief, they make sure the grass is stuck to the ground. In case of having pets, you may also require a pet deodorizer. Additionally, we offer a golf kit for golf passionates. Furthermore, you may purchase our ezpad for playgrounds. In fact, it prevents kids from injuring themselves while playing. Nevertheless, you can also get our geotextile so that you prevent weed from growing.

Double Sided Commercial Tape


Joint machine for EzPad 10mm


50M commercial seam roll for EzPad 10mm


Artificial Grass Adhesive 29 oz – Box of 12


3 jet Water Nozzle


Multi Jet Water Nozzle


Artificial Grass Adhesive ECO 15L (4 Gallons) – Indoor application


Artificial Grass Adhesive 15L (4 Gallons)


Seam Tape Artificial Grass 328′


Artificial Grass Adhesive 29 oz


Artificial Grass Glue 4L (1 Gallon)


Artificial Grass Custom Logo


Artificial Grass Deodorizer 10 lbs


Turf Design Logo for Artificial Grass


Soft Pad EzPad 10mm – Roll of 6′ x 50′


Landscaping Edging Eco-Rubber (Pack of 6)


G7 Geotextile membrane 6 ‘x 50’


G7 Geotextile membrane 12 ‘x 100’


Shock pad EzPad 45mm


Geotextile – Artificial grass weed barrier 12′ X 12′


Artificial Grass Edging Landscape 33ft


PRO golf Kit – Flag and cup


Pet Deodorizing kit


Artificial Grass Cleaner & Deodorizer 32 oz


Pet deodorizer 1 gallon


Zeolite Pet Odour Control Infill 50 lbs


Shock pad EzPad 25mm


Standard golf kit


Water Nozzle


Nails for Artificial Grass