Artificial Turf Gyms Crossfit

In case you have no time to go to gym, SGC certainly has the solution. In fact, we offer artificial turf for gyms. As can be seen, this grass has a short fiber with a caushioning feature. As a matter of fact, it allows you to workout whenever you want to. You may install our grass indoor or outdoor. In either case, we garantee the durability and the long-lasting of the grass. In a word, go back in shape while you’re at home!

Poly Black

$3.75 sq. ft.

Poly Grey

$3.75 sq. ft.

Poly Pad Indoor turf

$6.17 sq. ft.

Poly Green Dark

$3.45 sq. ft.

White Artificial Grass


Black Turf

$2.98 sq. ft.

Purple Turf

$2.98 sq. ft.

Red Artificial Grass

$2.98 sq. ft.

Blue Turf

$2.98 sq. ft.

Yellow Turf

$2.98 sq. ft.

Poly White

$3.75 sq. ft.

Poly Yellow

$3.75 sq. ft.

Poly Red

$3.75 sq. ft.

Poly Magenta

$3.75 sq. ft.


$3.37 sq. ft.

Elite Turf

$4.08 sq. ft.

EZLAWN 5′ X 3′


Luxury Lawn

$4.45 sq. ft.

EZLAWN 5′ X 5′


Poly Green

$3.45 sq. ft.

Perfect Lawn

$3.39 sq. ft.

Comfort Lawn

$3.64 sq. ft.

Poly Blue

$3.75 sq. ft.


$3.51 sq. ft.

PerfectLawn Pro

$3.72 sq. ft.

Great Lawn

$2.98 sq. ft.

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