Composite Fencing Ezfence

Our Composite Fecning EzFence is a complete composite fence system that allows you to enjoy your entire backyard in privacy. The Ezfence composite fencing system is a very low maintenance and long lasting option as it removes the annual process of painting, dyeing or stripping a treated wood fence. The installation is quite simple using our installation guide. There are various installation methods to choose from such as: burying the posts into the concrete, screwing the base plate and the post on a concrete slab, on a deck, or on our galvanized steel piles.

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Composite Fencing Ezfence

✓ No painting or staining
✓ Large selection
✓ Custom
✓ Natural Appearance
✓ Easy to install 

composite fencing canada



The Ezfence Elite is our premium range of composite fencing. Each composite boards are protected by a 1.5mm shell. It includes the largest selection of tropical colors with a beautiful and natural wood grain finish.
429 $ / panel 6′ X 6′.5”

composite fencing ezfence natural



The Ezfence Natural is our mid-range of composite fencing. The composite boards are made with a very deep natural embossing and brushed wood grain. Each fence boards are resistant against moisture and mildew resistant providing a stress-free, and low maintenance option.
399 $ / panel 6′ X 6′.5”

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The Ezfence Design is our entry level range of composite fencing. Each composite board has a matte smooth finish. It provides privacy and a maintenance-free lifestyle at an amazing price.
369 $ / panel 6′ X 6′.5”


Single composite gate, double composite gate, shutters, openwork molding, black aluminum molding, LED light system, lock and animal design.



Explore the large selection of Ezfence composite fence colors and put your imagination at work.


Shopping for ideas? We’ve assembled a collection of the best composite fencing designs, with dream-worthy pictures that span regions, designers and tastes of all kinds.

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Installation Guide Ezfence

installation guide composite fencing ezfence
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Compare the 3 composite fencing Ezfence

composite fencing

compsoite fencing ezfence elite

composite fencing canada

Price per panel 6’X6′.5” 469$

25 years limited warranty

7 colors 

Composite boards

Resistant protective shield that covers the composite boards against scratches, UV, moisture and stain.

Posts and Structure

 High-Quality aluminum posts and structure with a tough black finish and outstanding wear resistance.

Embossing and natural texture

Deep natural embossing with black color essence to replicate natural wood texture.

composite fencing boards

composite fencing prices

composite fencing ezfence

composite fencing ezfence natural

Price per panel 6’X6′.5” 359$

15 years limited warranty

5 colors 

Composite boards

High quality

Posts and Structure

High-Quality aluminum posts and structure with a black chrome finish.

Embossing and natural texture

Very deep natural embossing and brushed wood grain.

composite fencing board ezfence

composite fencing canada

composite fencing panels

composite fencing usa ezfence

Price per panel 6’X6′.5” 329$

10 years limited warranty

3 colors 

Composite boards

composite boards.

Posts and Structure

Matte composite posts and black mat aluminum

Embossing and natural texture

No embossing and
wood texture.

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Artificial Grass