Composite Fence Gate and Accessories

SGC offers a wide range of accessories for our EzFence Composite System. These accessories include: single / double gates, shutters, openwork designs (rock and plant), black aluminium moldings, LEDs, deluxe gate latches, self-closing hinges and animal designs.
composite gate kit fence

Single Gate

Design a personalised single gate with SGC EzFence composite fencing system. You can customize the width of a single gate up to 52 inches and go up to a height of 6 feet. Single gate built with one galvanized steel pile for extra strength. 

Double Fence Gate

SGC EzFence composite fencing system offers solid, robust double gates. With our EzFence double gate you can choose to go up to 120 inches in width for a customizable height. Double gate built with 2 pile inserts made from galvanized steel.


Composite EzFence Shutters

Our EzFence interconnected shutters can be manually rotated for a desired level of privacy. Additionally, these aluminium shutters can easily be mounted at any level. The number of the shutter boards can vary from 2 to 12 as per your preference.


Openwork Aluminum Plant Design

Our Openwork Aluminum Plant molding adds a unique look to your project. It is designed to replicate the bamboo branch style. This molding design replaces 2 composite boards and can be mounted anywhere in your fence.


Openwork Aluminum Stone Design

Our Openwork Aluminum Stone Design molding is one of most favoured designs from our collection of openwork moldings. This molding substitutes 2 composite boards and can be placed at any level in your EzFence design.


Black Aluminum Molding

Replace a composite fence board with this ultra-modern no fuss design Black Aluminum molding! This 12-inch tongue and groove style moulding can easily be installed by sliding down, just like our EzFence composite fence boards.


Lighting System for Composite Fencing

Light up your fence with our EzLED lighting system! The box contains 4 lights and a power supply. Up to 50 metres, or 50 lights can be added to a single adapter. These come with an aluminium drill bit and are quite easy to install.


Lock for Composite Gates

Adding a lock to your gate helps to make your environment more secure. With our EzFence Lock for composite fence gate you get the option of locking the gate from either sides. This durable lock is compatible with our single as well as double gate option. 


Fascia Mounting Ezfence

This aluminium fascia mounting accessory helps to affix your EzFence posts firmly onto the fascia of your deck. By installing the fence posts on the side of your deck, gives you access to a little extra space on your deck, and is quite easy to install.


Corner Fascia Mounting

The Corner Fascia Mounting accessory in our Ezfence composite fencing system allows you to secure the aluminum post on the corner of your deck or a concrete balcony. This calls for a simple installation and offers a sturdy structure. 


Ezfence Self Closing Hinges

EzFence Self-Closing hinges can be mounted effortlessly. These work smoothly and are a great option for the protection of your kids and pets. This accessory comes with a built-in hinge or slide to automatically glides the gate closed. 

hinges fence

Ezfence Hinges

Ezfence also offers an alternative to our self-closing hinges. The Ezfence gate system includes a set of Ezfence hinges. These hinges have a robust make and are engineered for smooth installation and working of our gates.


Drop Bolt

This EzFence locking rod secures double gates and provides an anchoring rod to secure one side of a double gate. The drop bolt rod keeps both gates secure when closed or allows both or one gate access at a time.

Bear Design 

Add a glimpse of nature to your EzFence composite fencing structure. This aluminum cut Bear design panel can be used for either residential or commercial projects. The box includes the necessary hardware for an effortless install. 


Eagle Design 

This aluminum cut Eagle design panel can be used for commercial as well as residential developments. This accessory adds a natural touch to your overall EzFence structure. It comes with included hardware required for an easy installation.