Composite Fence Gate and Accessories 

SGC offers a large range of accessories for our composite EzFence system. These accessories include: single/double gates, shutters, openwork designs (rock and plant), black aluminum molding, LEDs, deluxe gate latches, self-closing hinges, and animal designs.

Fence Gate – Single and Double

Our EzFence system provides homeowners with the option of single and double gates. Our gate kit has the option of customizing the width of the door opening.

• A single composite gate may go up to 48 inches (4 feet) wide.
• A double composite gate may go up to 120 inches (10 feet) wide.
• Height options include anywhere between 48 inches to 108 inches.

We recommend installing the gate post onto a galvanized steel pile. This installation method will also provide you with the option of removing your gate at a later date, hassle-free!

Composite EzFence Shutters

Our EzFence shutters are interconnected and can be manually shifted in order to achieve your desired level of privacy. In addition, these aluminum shutters can be installed at any height level. The number of shutter boards may vary between 2 to 12, depending on your design.

Openwork Aluminum Plant Design

One openwork molding replaces 2 composite boards and can be installed at the height of your choice. It perfectly replicates the style of the bamboo branch and adds a unique look to your project.

Openwork Aluminum Stone Design

The openwork stone aluminum design gives a nice finish to your project. One openwork molding replaces 2 composite boards and can be install at the height of your choice. 

Black Aluminum Molding

Add 12-inches of black aluminum molding to your EzFence composite panel. Our aluminum molding replaces 1 composite board and creates a superior finish to your Ezfence project. 


EZLED- Lighting System for Composite Fencing

Create a cozy atmosphere in your outdoor backyard with our LED lighting system. The box includes the bit that’ll drill into the aluminum post.





Lock for Composite Gates

Lock your composite gates on both sides to increase security.




Ezfence Hinges

Ezfence offers two options of hinges. One set of Ezfence hinges that comes with the Ezfence gate and the Self Closing Hinge in option for the protection of your kids and pets.


Ezfence Hinges

Self Closing Ezfence Hinges

Fascia Mounting Ezfence

The Fascia Mounting and Corner Fascia Mounting is used to fix your composite fencing Ezfence on the side of your decking. It will allow you more space on the flat surface of your decking. The fascia mounting is made in aluminium and is easy to install. It will make your project aunique with a nice easthetic design.

  • To install your Ezfence on the side of your decking
  • Easy to install
  • Strong and durable

Fascia Mounting Ezfence

Corner Fascia Mounting Ezfence


Double Gate Lock

Locking rod for double composite gate.

Animal Design 

We offer a bird and bear design in an aluminum cut out shape. Give a natural touch and style to your residential and commercial project.

composite fencing aluminum design


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