The under deck drainage system Ezdeck Rain Protect

The under deck drainage system Ezdeck Rain Protect create a dry patio area on the ground level below. It is perfect to keep the rain, spills and snow from dripping through elevated decking boards. You can use the Ezdeck Rain Protect to create a second outdoor area below your terrace on or to make a waterproof storage space. In addition, this drainage membrane allows you to protect your joists against the moisture. It allows you to increase the longevity of your terrace from rotting.

The Ezdeck Rain Protect is made with a strong membrane to evacuate the rainwater and protect the structure of your terrace. It can be easily installed with a stapler on the joists. You just have to leave a slight slope to drain the water to the end of your deck


Ezdeck Rain Protect

  • Ideal for storage under the terrace
  • Can be used for composite boards and natural wood timber
  • Easy to install 

Dimensions : 17” x 50‘ (43cm x 15m)