Black Aluminum Top Beam & Bottom Beam Kit

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Chrome Glossy
Premium Matte
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Just like the posts, the top and bottom beams come in both Chrome and, Premium finishes.

Both top and bottom beams are 80” long, the same as our composite fence boards. You can easily cut them to fit the width of your fence section.

To install the top beam/rail:

  1. Cut the Top Beam 3/8″ longer than the distance between the posts.
  2. Fasten the top beam screw along with the washer on both either ends of the Top Beam. *Please Note: Leave about 1/16″ space between the washer and the top rail so it can slide with no friction.
  3. Glide it down in the post slots to finish a fence section.

Here is how you can fix a bottom beam:

  • Cut the bottom beam 1 ½” longer than the distance between the fence posts.
  • Insert the Allen key ¼” in the socket of the Adjustable Post Lock.
  • Insert the adjustable post lock vertically in the post slot at the desired height.
  • Turn the Allen key clockwise until the post lock is secured.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 4 for the other post.
  • Slide the bottom beam in the post grooves.
  • Adjust the level with the Allen key.
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Chrome Glossy, Premium Matte