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Landscaping Turf
Perfect Lawn Series ™

The Perfect Lawn Series ™  is the #1 brand of landscaping turf in Canada. We develop the artificial grass line with the most realistic and durable yarn fiber to make your project look like real grass. The beauty of it is that you don’t have any maintenance to do. 

Quality and Natural Look 

The Perfect Lawn Series ™ of SGC’s is made with high-quality fibers that resist traffic and winter conditions. Our high-quality synthetic grass was designed for each customer to have a beautiful and durable landscaping turf backyard or front yard for the years to come.

Landscaping Turf

The yarn technology!

In the Perfect Lawn Series ™, the yarn fibers will remain straight and maintain a natural look compared to other types of artificial grass on the market. We designed different fiber shapes in W, S, V, C to stand up easily, in addition, to be comfortable at the touch.

The best landscaping turf

All of our landscaping turfs are made with 2 tones of green fiber and a smaller beige fiber at the bottom. This turf replicates perfectly the natural grass without the hassle of watering, mowing and the usage of any pesticides.





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