Synthetic grass

Synthetic Turf Calgary

Synthetic Turf Calgary

Synthetic Turf Calgary, Artificial Grass Calgary, landscaping turf, pet turf, playground area, putting green and commerical area. SGC-Synthetic Grass & Composite is the #1 distributor of artificial grass across Canada! You can order your synthetic grass online or by phone. We serve Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Montreal, Quebec and Toronto.

synthetic turf calgary

SGC knows how laborious it is to maintain its grass. It sometimes completely impossible due to weather problems, grubs, insects or rocky soils, as is too often the case in Calgary and Edmonton.

Natural turf requires a lot of time, effort and money. The water is wasted too often to make it as beautiful and green as we wish. Free time is a very rare resource, SGC prioritizes the customer time between friends and family and a peaceful outdoor relaxation. SGC offers synthetic grass with superior quality fibers, long-lasting, comfortable and natural. Most of the artificial turf fibers on the market are made with flat shapes that flatten to the ground. They are more easily comparable to a sheet of paper that is held with a hand and crashes. Therefore, SGC has developed the PERFECTION, with fibers in the shape of V, W, S, Triple-U.

SGC offers the best synthetic grass for residential, commercial projects.  We have the nicest products for playground, pet turf area, putting green, rooftop terraces, gym and more. Our products can be available in 24 to 48 hours at our various pickup centers, including Calgary and Edmonton.

Do not wait any longer! Call us to finally enjoy life without maintenance! 1-800-742-9169


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