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This product will be available by April 30.

This product will be available by April 30.

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Grey Composite Deck Board | Ezdeck Tropical Stone

Your deck is an extension of your home. Therefore, it is important to create a cozy space where all the family can gather for a dinner. The grey composite boards have been our clients’ number 1 choice when choosing a colour for their decks. The main reason is that the “Stone” colour offers simplicity and modernity to the space. It is also a timless colour that most designers love.

These composite boards are great for decks, patios, balconies or porches. They are anti-slip, waterproof and moisture resistant. They replicate real wood texture and have a deep grain. They’re also famous for having a blackish lines to create a little rustic effect.

Key Features

  • Length: 12 and 16 feet
  • Width: 135 mm / 5-5/16″ (inches)
  • Height: 25mm / 1 inch
  • Weight per linear foot: 1.86  lb
  • Black essence color finish
  • Deeper and natural wood grain
  • Reinforced and stronger structure
  • Raw material more resistant to scratches
  • Reversible board No painting, dyeing and scouring
  • Several color choices
  • Fascias and finishing boards available



Additional information
Dimensions 96 × 5.7 × 0.47 in