12 ft board16 ft board

Sand Composite Boards Ezdeck Design


✓ Contempory and natural look
✓ Hybrid: one side a wood lined side
✓ 3 Colors
✓ 10-year warranty

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12 ft board : This product is out of stock but will be available soon
16 ft board : This product is available in stock

Composite Decking Board Ezdeck Design Sand

The composite board Ezdeck Design is at the best price point on the market. Offer you the maintenance-free lifestyle at a very affordable price without painting and staining anymore. The composite deck boards EZdeck Design have a textured wooden finish on one side and a lined side on the other side to make different design of your choice.

Front View

Back View

Ezdeck Design Specifications:

Length: 12 and 16 feet
Width: 134.92mm / 5.3″ (inches)
Height: 20 mm / 0.77
Weight per linear foot: 1.68 lbs
Fasteners: Nylon clips

Additional information
Dimensions 96 × 5.31 × 0.98 in

12 ft board, 16 ft board