Poly Magenta

$3.75 sq. ft.

Pile Height: 13 mm / 0.5′′
Density: 40 oz


Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price


PolyMagenta – Magenta Artificial Turf

Poly Magenta Synthetic Turf is used for recreational surfaces such as play areas, golf greens, gyms, events, corporate decors and more. Its short fiber of 13 mm and its density of 40 oz makes it possible to circulate on the surface very easily. Poly Magenta is a very durable grass, which allows it to be used and played on it for years, while maintaining a remarkable look.

Poly Magenta is also used for play areas where children can play and walk safely. It is possible to create race tracks, designs and logos of your choice.

This short white synthetic turf is used for creating corporate design for franchises, restaurants, offices and more. It can be easily installed on the ground or on the walls. It is also very popular for events.

For GYM and indoor training, Poly Magenta is ideal for cross fit, sled, high intensity cardio and muscle training.