Chocolate Nosing Board Ezdeck Natural


Product Availability: May 17

12 ft board : This product is out of stock but will be available soon
16 ft board : This product is in low stock

EZdeck Natural : Wood Alternative for Decking

Composite material has been the best wood alternative for decking nowadays. It is durable, high performant, requires a very minimal maintenance and comes with at least a 20-year warranty.

The Natural line is a modern take on vintage colours. The beautiful woodlike texture and deep embossing make this Chocolate deck a must-have for this summer. The Natural collection comes with 3 types of boards:

  • Standard Board
  • Nosing / Finishing Board
  • Fascia Board

The composite finishing board is mainly used to cover the deck joist frame. It gives a stunning look to  the perimeter of your deck. Its smooth rounded side offers a more aesthetic and professional finish. The composite nosing board is also used for the design of the steps.


Length: 12 and 16 feet
Width: 148 mm / 5 1932” (inches) 
Height: 20mm / 0.78 ”
Weight per linear foot: 3.03 lb

Additional information
Dimensions 96 × 5.7 × 0.47 in