G7 Geotextile membrane 12 ‘x 100’


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G7 Geotextile membrane for artificial turf

Our synthetic turf landscape fabric is the perfect choice for your subbase! This non-woven commercial grade fabric is manufactured through a bonding rather than weaving process. This permeable material allows water trickling down through the gravel to smoothly enter the soil. However, it is important to note that while the fabric is permeable, it will prevent weeds from entering your subbase and damaging your synthetic turf. The main purpose of our weed barrier is to separate the subbase from the soil.

We recommend placing the synthetic turf weed barrier between the soil and the subbase as well as between the subbase and the artificial turf. Please visit our installation guide for more information.


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100 feet


12 feet




Commercial Geotextile, G7


Promotes drainage, prevents weed growth, and separates soil from the gravel

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12’x12’ / 2Mx10M / 6’x50’ / 12’x100’