Stone Composite Fascia Ezdeck Tropical


This product will be available by August 15.

This product will be available by August 15.

Availibility: This product is out of stock but will be available soon

Composite Fascia Ezdeck Tropical Stone

A fascia is a board that runs along the edges of the deck in order to hide the wood structure underneath. It provides a clean smooth look to the perimeter of your deck. The composite deck fascia is also used for the closed steps, flowers boxes or any kind of design.

  • Improved colors for rich and deep textures with a hint of black
  • Scratch resistant  – Made with a denser quality of plastic
  • No painting and staining


Length: 12 and 16 feet
Width: 192 mm / 7916” (inches) 
Height: 15 mm / 01932” (inches)
Weight per linear foot: 3.95 lb


Additional information
Dimensions 96 × 5.7 × 0.47 in