Natural Composite Fascia Board Ezdeck Elite


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Elite Line : Everlasting, ultra-durable deck collection boards

Elite is the best composite deck line that offers an exotic look with timeless style. It also gathers multiple features such as moisture resistance, scratching resistance and fading resistance. Elite comes with a warranty of 25 years

The Ezdeck Elite composite fascia board hides the wood joist and structure on the perimeter of your deck to provide a beautiful finish look. The fascia is also used for the closed steps, flowers boxes, benches, etc..

More Details

Length: 12 and 16 feet
Width: 255.6 mm / 10-1/16″” (inches)
Height: 13.6 mm / 9/16″  (inches)
Weight per linear foot: 5.11 lb

Additional information
Dimensions 96 × 5.7 × 0.47 in