Adhesive joist tape for composite decking – Ezdeck Protect

The adhesive joist tape for composite decking is a waterproof protection for joist. This joist guard seals around all fasteners inhibiting moisture. It will protect it against rain, snow and ice to not encourage wood to rot. You spent on average about 5000$ to 15 000$ on your deck. It will wise to spend a few dollars to ensure that your screws will hold longer and stronger. In addition, the Ezdeck Protect will protect your joists from moisture.

The Ezdeck Protect is Easy to install

Th Ezdek Rain Protect is self-adhesive. The only thing you need to do is to take off the film of paper to stick the Ezdek on your joists. You don’t need any stapler and tools to install it.

Ezdeck Protect

  • Helps extend the service life of the deck
  • Easy to install at any temperature
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Compatible with most decking materials, such as treated wood, natural wood and composite materialsRoll dimension : 4” x 75‘ (10cm x 22,9m)