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Horizontal composite fence Ezfence Design

The horizontal composite fence Ezfence Design is a composite fencing panel at the lowest price on the market to give you some privacy. This composite fencing panel is made with mat composite posts and composite boards. The horizontal composite fence ezfence design is easy to install. It can be install on a balcony or in your backyard for some privacy. The composite posts can be screw with their base plate on a deck or on a concrete slab. The posts can also be poured into the concrete or install on a galvanized steel piles.

This composite fencing panel offers a large variety of single and double gates according to your dimensions. You can also add in options some shutters, aesthetic black aluminum board, decorative aluminum top pair with a perforated bamboo or rock design, LED and animals design. We are proud to make a good composite fence more accessible in terms of prices and costs. You can now enjoy your outdoor living in privacy with the maintenance-free fence Ezfence Design.







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369 $ / panel 6′ X 6′.5”

Horizontal fence Ezfence Design 

Best composite fence prices
Easy to install
3 color choices : Charcoal, Dark Coffee, Beige
No painting and staining 
Maintenance-Free privacy fence

Gate and accessories

✓ Aluminum Shutters
✓ Openwork aluminum molding
✓Black aluminum molding
Single and double gate
✓LED lighthing system 
✓ Animal Design

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