Composite Patio Ezdeck Natural

The luxurious wood grain texture, tropical colour selection, and deep embossing of our Natural series enhance and beautify any outdoor living space! These composite boards mimic pressure treated wood to perfection while also providing maintenance-free benefits! Our reinforced composite boards are moisture, mildew, and scratch resistant. Our boards do not require any painting or restaining. This series comes with a 20 year warranty.
Enhance your deck with our EzDeck accessories including our complete LED lighting system, rain protection and joist protection system, as well as our hardware system.

Available Colors

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Slate Grey
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Inspiration & Outdoor Projects Ideas

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What are the specs of Natural ?

  • Mid Range Package
  • Material: Brushed and Heated Composite material
  • Finish: Wood Grain Texture & Deep Embossing
  • Combability: LED System, Rain and Joist Protection, Nylon & Stainless Steel Fasteners, Hardware System
  • Warranty: 20 years

Composite Deck Ezdeck Natural Specifications

Reinforced Hollow Standard Boards

Length: 12ft and 16ft
Standard Board Width: 5.36”
Standard Board Thickness: 20 mm / 0.78’’
Weight per linear foot: 1.77lbs

Solid Finishing Board

Length: 12ft and 16ft
Finishing Board Width: 142.7mm / 5.61”
Finishing Board Thickness: 20 mm / 0.78’’
Weight per linear foot: 2.66lbs

Solid Fascia Board

Length: 12ft and 16ft
Fascia Width: 192mm | 7.55”
Fascia Board Thickness: 15.17mm | 0.59″
Weight per linear foot: 2.62lbs

Our Natural Boards

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Unbeatable warranty for unbeatable products! Our composite deck warranty guarantees that your investment is well protected over the years.