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Ask SGC: Self-Adhesive Tape or Commercial Seaming Tape?

Our clients often ask us which seaming tape they should use for their project! First, it’s important to know the difference between these two accessories. 

1. Self-Adhesive Tape

Our self-adhesive seaming tape has an outer layer made out of premium non-woven fabric. While its inner layer has a coating of a thick, strong self-adhesive membrane. This self-adhesive membrane is protected by a plastic release film. In fact, this strong membrane is made specifically to bond artificial grass. Our self-adhesive seaming tape will ensure that your artificial turf rolls are properly strongly bonded together without creating a mess. 


  • Length: 50ft
  • Width: 7’’
  • Interior: Self-Adhesive membrane protected by a release film
  • Exterior: High quality non-woven fabric
  • Sold: Per roll or per foot
  • Benefits: Water proof, weather proof, UV resistant
  • Application: Indoor & Outdoor

2. Commercial Seaming Tape

Our commercial seaming tape is composed of spun bonded, non-woven polyester material. This material is produced through thermal calendering. Our commercial seaming tape is water and weather proof, as well as UV resistant. It does not come with an adhesive layer. Therefore, we recommend pairing this accessory with our artificial grass glue. 


  • Length: 328ft
  • Width: 12’’
  • Color: White
  • Material: Spun-bonded, non woven polyester fabric
  • Sold: Per roll or per foot
  • Benefits: Water proof, weather proof, UV resistant
  • Application: Indoor & Outdoor

Self-Adhesive Tape VS Commercial Seaming Tape

Where and how to use seaming tape?

You will require seaming tape to securely bond turf pieces. It is important to properly install your artificial turf as this will ensure the longevity of your maintenance free outdoor living space! The best way to use our self-adhesive seaming tape is for applications such as: residential backyards, playgrounds, commercial spaces, and events.

Essentially, our self-adhesive seaming tape is suitable for any application that won’t necessarily involve high intense sport activities on a daily basis. That being said, high traffic isn’t an issue with our self-adhesive seaming tape. Contractors have used our self-adhesive seaming tape on a regular basis when it comes to installing playgrounds or commercial outdoor spaces. However, our tape is commonly used for residential backyards. 

You will need to place our seaming tape underneath the artificial turf. We recommend leaving a 1 mm gap between the two rolls. Ensure that the fibers around the edges do not get caught in the self-adhesive membrane.Tehn, slowly peel off the release film while pressing down the two rolls. After completing the installation, place 6lb sand bags along the seam line. 

For temporary events, you may use our self-adhesive seaming tape as a double-sided tape. Cut the tape into pieces and roll up these pieces with the membrane facing outward. This method will ensure that you will be able to remove the turf after the event without damaging the floor or the turf.

What about the commercial seaming tape?

Our commercial seaming tape is best used for intensive sport related applications. Some examples include: golf courses/putting greens, gyms, and recreational facilities. These applications commonly use our polygreen or polycolour models. Undoubtedly, our commercial seaming tape and our outdoor artificial grass glue are the perfect combination! These two accessories will ensure a secure installation and a safe space to exercise and to play sports. 

Please check out our installation guide for more information! Please do not hesitate to contact an SGC representative today! We’d be more than happy to help you achieve your outdoor living aspirations