Pet Turf System

  • 2 times more holes for drainage
  • PE-51 Deodorizer helps to reduce the smell of the urine
  • Anti Bacterial infill to keep the surface clean and also reduce the smell of urine

The artificial grass yarn fiber of our pet turf system is made to be more resistant to traffic, digging and the winter conditions. This technology of the pet turf fiber will ensure that grass fibers aren’t easily bent to keep a natural look.

You can purchase your artificial grass surface per cut or per roll.
The rolls are 6′ x 50′ or 12′ x 100′. 

Pet Deodorizer

The Spray deodorizer eliminates the smell of urine and to keep your surface clean for you and your pets. Offer in 32 oz and 1-gallon bottle.

Antibacterial infill

The Zeofill antibacterial granules are inserted in the artificial grass to capt the animal urine to reduce the odor. The urine is then released after the rain. 

Pet Turf System Advantages

  • Easy to Clean

  • Eliminates odor with effective drainage

  • Resistant to traffic and digging

  • Always green and clean

  • Your pet will love it

Animals and natural grass can sometimes cause many problems when trying to maintain a clean front/back yard and home. Think of the mud that accumulates on your animal’s feet when there is bad weather, such as rain or the holes animals like to dig. SGC has you and your pet in mind, we have designed synthetic grass with additional venting that can easily remove urine with a drainage system that also eliminates odors. The Pet turf synthetic grass has 4x more venting than other synthetic grass.

The rapid drainage system allows the wet grass to dry quickly, preventing your animals paws from soaking up any unwanted water and to avoid wetting the inside of your home. To clean the grass simply use a water hose. Pet odors and burnt grass on natural lawn will soon be part of the past with our synthetic turf.

Pet friendly

Our Artificial grass requires no fertilizer or pesticides which could affect the health of your pets. In addition, all our products is nontoxic and your animals will not be harmed.  Since the synthetic turf is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, chances of catching insects (fleas, ticks) are almost nil. You’ll love your artificial pet turf by its beauty and softness on your feet and for your pets paws.