Perfect Lawn Series ™ is the #1 brand of artificial grass in Canada!

You are a contractor, installer, reseller or homeowners? SGC- Synthetic Grass & Composite offers you the artificial grass Perfect Lawn Series ™ at the best price on the market. Our lead program across Canada will give you the chance to get new customers if you are a reseller. You can order your artificial turf Perfect Lawn Series ™ at the cut according to your measurements or by rolls. We ship accross Canada in the same day of your order to your job site our to your business.

Soft Lawn

1.99$ sq. ft.


2.94$ sq. ft.

Great Lawn

2.68$ sq. ft.


3.24$ sq. ft.

Perfect Lawn

2.96$ sq. ft.

PerfectLawn Pro

3.44$ sq. ft.

Elite Turf

3.75$ sq. ft.

Luxury Lawn

4.33$ sq. ft.

Comfort Lawn

3.17$ sq. ft.

Poly Green

2.96$ sq. ft.

Poly Green Dark

2.96$ sq. ft.

Poly Pad Indoor turf

5.69$ sq. ft.

Poly Blue

3.19$ sq. ft.

Poly Yellow

3.19$ sq. ft.

Poly Red

3.19$ sq. ft.

Poly White

3.19$ sq. ft.

Poly Magenta

3.19$ sq. ft.

Blue Artificial Grass

2.77$ sq. ft.

Red Artificial Grass

2.77$ sq. ft.

Yellow Turf

2.77$ sq. ft.

Purple Turf

2.77$ sq. ft.

Black Turf

2.77$ sq. ft.

White Artificial Grass


EZLAWN 5′ X 3′


EZLAWN 5′ X 5′


EZLAWN 5′ X 7′


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The Artificial Grass Perfect Lawn Series ™ is the best solution for all of your landscaping projects!

Does maintaining your lawn seem to be a hard task?
Would you like to give the impression that the gardener has passed early in the morning … every morning?
The artificial grass is maintenance-free! You don’t need anymore to water or cut your grass. In addition, the artificial grass ensures a rapid flow of drainage during the rain.


Is the image of your business important?
Show to your consumers your environmental vision with our synthetic turf surfaces that will always remain clean and attractive for new customers.

The first impression from customers is important and this is why your business and its facade must be beautiful, green and eco-friendly. Reduce your maintenance costs and create a positive impression to your business and customers. The synthetic grass can be easily installed around your commercial property or parking area.