SGC provides all of the highest quality of installation accessories for your artificial grass such as: landscape fabric (weed barrier), nails, golf sets, etc… Initially, our self-adhesive seaming tape for synthetic grass joins provides a seamless and natural finish. In addition, the 8″ spiral nails are very useful in fixing the perimeter of your synthetic turf onto your base. Furthermore, we strongly recommend using our landscape fabric. In fact, this will, eventually, prevent weeds from growing underneath your artificial grass.

Equally important, we offer both flags and golf cups for the golf enthusiasts. Additionally, SGC Ezpad absorption surface is perfect for drainage and injury prevention in playgrounds, roof terraces and in sports fields, too. Moreover, we offer a complete pet turf system. Besides, the PE-51 is a pet deodorizer and the Zeolite is also an antibacterial infill to keep your artificial grass clean.

In conclusion, SGC is a one stop shop for all your installation accessories needs!


Our self adhesive seaming tape is the best option for joining artificial turf rolls leaving a clean and an invisible seamline.

Our joint tape provides an effortless, mess-free install with its one-sided self adhesive membrane protected by a release film.

Our double sided tape allows to stick the artificial grass on concrete or on wood. The roll is 50′ long and 3.41” wide.

Our U-shaped spikes help secure the artificial grass to the ground and may replace the seaming tape to seal the seamlines.

EzEdge provides the finishing touch to your installation. It creates a seamless finish around the perimeter of your artificial turf, secures the turf onto the subbase and beautifies the entire space.

EzEdge commercial provides the finishing touch to your commercial  installation. It creates a seamless finish around the perimeter of your artificial turf, secures the turf onto the subbase and beautifies the entire space.

Eco-Border Rubber Edging

SGC EzEdge provides the finishing touch to your installation. In fact, it creates a seamless finish around the perimeter of your artificial turf. Our EzEdge not only secures the turf onto the subbase but it also beautifies the entire space.

Landscape Fabric - Weed Barrier - Geotextile

Our high quality, commercial grade landscaping fabric is surely a necessary component for your artificial grass installation. In fact, it acts as a weed barrier, separating the soil from the gravel. In short, this artificial turf accessory is a must for anyone!

Shock Pad - Underlay - Cushioning Layer

Our Synthetic Turf Shock Pad (EzPad) is a premium commercial grade, certified absorption surface. Undoubtedly, this practical accessory aids specifically in the drainage process, reduces the impact of a fall, and surely extends the longevity of a roof.


Our premium urethane adhesive is specifically designed to bond seams and secure turf onto subbase in both indoor and outdoor applications. This eco-friendly accessory is certainly a necessity for artificial turf installation.

Create your own golf course in your backyard and practice at your own pace. The cup is a circular hole that is inserted in the artificial grass and has a diameter of 4 inches imitating real golf courses’ cups.

Upgrade your golfing experience with our Pro Golf Set! The premium quality of this set particularly will ensure the durability and longevity of this accessory. Our pro golf set is indeed the perfect finishing touch to your putting green space!

SGC Standard Golf Set is the perfect addition to any putting green area! This accessory will fit not only any budget but will also match any turf with its minimalistic design. Choose our Standard Golf Set and become truly champion at the game!


Equally important, our PE-51 Cleaner and Deodorizer which allows homeowners with pets to enjoy their outdoor living space! In fact, this accessory is a must have for any pet owner as it, significantly, eliminates odors with ease without negatively impacting the pet’s health.